How to work with us?

I print your Riso projects for you, from Art prints to Zines as if they are my own. Learn what the Riso workflow is like for a smoother experience.

Set up your project size for Riso

For technical reasons, we print everything on 11x17 sheets and it's the maximum paper size.

Our quotes are based on the amount of colors in use, the quantity of 11x17 needed to complete the project and the paper type.

You can fit one project or multiple different prints on the same sheet. Optimize your project size to fit the printing area and to save cost.

The minimum order quantity is 25 11x17 copies

Learn more about file preparation >

  • Get familiar with the Riso process, options and constraints

    Get a refresh in the What is Riso? section and our FAQ has the quick info

  • Learn about printing margins, sizing, and how to prepare your file

    File preparation
    Download our 11x17 template with the printing margins in our Template section

  • Learn how to separate your colors for printing

  • Choose your colors

    Let us know how many and which colors you want for your projects.

    Our colors 
  • Paper matters

    The type of paper will impact the printing cost. Choose from our papers or let us know what type of paper you are envisioning for your project we can do special orders.

    Our papers 
  • Contact me

    If you have more questions about the process or if you have issues with color separation, reach out! You can include a preview of your project for more context if you write to me directly at

  • What to expect

    Most emails are answered within 24h during weekdays.

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