• Rice Based Ink

    Not petroleum based

    No V.O.C.s
    No harsh varnishes

    No Gloss*

  • Artistic Feel

    Not flat. Everything you print with Riso looks handmade. It retains artistic qualities, making every copy feel like a handmade original.

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  • Fluorescent Colors

    No, digital printing could never. Riso's fluorescent inks are distinct and even brighter in person.

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  • Riso texture screen mesh


    No two prints are the same. Riso adds signature a lo-fi, grainy texture to everything you print.

  • Perfect imperfections

    Not perfect and part of the charm! Riso's quirks and misalignments are what gives this medium so much character.

  • Ink texture

    Not too far from watercolor to the touch. It looks and feels painted on the paper.

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I'm thrilled to be launching my dream project: a Riso printing service based right here in Montreal. As a senior graphic designer with over 10 years of experience in the field, I've always been fascinated by the unique and versatile printing possibilities that Risograph machines offer. I'm exited to share all of this with you!

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