Our Colors

Riso has signature colors that are recognizable and unique to this medium.
Brighter and more saturated in person, no computer screen can or digital printing can match.

  • Fluo Pink

    Hex color code: #ff0d9b

  • Yellow

    Hex Color Code: #ffde00

  • Blue

    Hex Color code #002f90

  • Bright Red

    Hex Color Code: #c60c19

  • Orange

    Hex Color code #ff4d07

  • Light Lime

    Hex color code: #bcc309

  • Kelly Green

    Hex color code: #0a7f03

  • Black

    Hex color code: #00000

  • Aqua

    Hex color code: #0bc6e8

Download our swatch

Download our Riso color swatch to get the most accurate color possible, on screen that is. Colors will print much brighter and sometimes lighter.

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Opacity %

Tint the colors by adjusting the opacity. The lighter the color, the more far apart the specs of colors are to create the shade.


Riso inks are not fully opaque. By overlaying colors and playing with their opacity in your file, you can create new shades or trippy effects

Print with 1, 2 or 3 colors

Pay only for what you need

4 color printing

If you need that full range of color with a riso kick

Texture options

Choose from the 2 default settings, Grain or Screen Mesh.

Color charts & Guides

See our true colors!

Check out our color charts and guides in our shop