What is your minimum order?

25 11x17" copies minimum or
50 8.5x11"

If your project is somewhere between or you still want to see if it can be done, don't hesitate to reach out. Info@nogloss.ca

Why is there a minimum with Riso printing?

Riso printing requires more preparation than digital printing before and during printing.

Each color layer needs to have a separate stencil created and some alignment work. It requires a bit of testing and some extra paper.

The set is more time consuming but that means the price per copy goes down the more you print.

What is your turnaround time like?

Depending on the numbers of colors in your project, our clients prints are ready more or less within a week after sending the final file. Zines/booklets and more elaborate projects may take longer.

It's best to let me know if you have a specific deadline or ask for an estimate before ordering.

Due to Riso printing technicalities please consider that a 12 to 24h drying time is needed every two colors, plus production times. For that reason we cannot do next day printing.

Some rush fees could apply

How do we get started?

  1. If you are new to Riso printing
    Give our "What is Riso?" and "Tutorials" sections a quick look. No shame if you don't master any of it here.
  2. Ask for a quote
    Contact me at info@nogloss.ca
    Tell me about your project and your Riso questions. I'm here to help!
  3. Receive quote and guidance
    I will be able to give you a quote and check out your files to make sure we are good to go.
  4. Payement
    Once we're set, you will receive an invoice. Send the payment to kick things off.
  5. Pickup or delivery
    I will email you once your prints are ready. You can pick them up or have them shipped to you. We like to use a bike courier if you're in Montreal.

Where are you Located?

This is a private studio located in Parc-Extension Montreal, a two minute walk from Parc Metro station. We don't accept walk-ins at the moment. We will give the address before an appointment or pickup.

You can pick up your prints at this location or we can ship them to you.

Technical Questions

What is the maximum printing size

The maximum printing zone is 10.60" x 16.20" (26.92x41.14 cm)

We print most projects on 11x17 papers. Checkout our file basics to set up your print here

Riso printers were originally made for office printing so they don't do large format

How do you separate colors?

There are many different ways to separate your colors for Riso. You will find two different techniques explained in our tutorials section.
Both technique can be combined
How to illustrate for Riso?
How to separate colors for Riso?

You can always ask me how to approach a project.

I also offer an image separation service

What colors do you have?

With Riso you have to pick and assign specific colors to your project. See our colors here:
Our Colors

Why do we separate colors for Riso?

Similar to the screen printing process, the Riso prints each color layer separately. A stencil is created by the machine and is placed over a color drum. Each color is printed separately and printed on top of each other to recreate the artwork.
Check out our "What is Riso?" page for more information here

Other Services


I love to pair design with Riso. Here are some of the services I can offer:

  • Logo and visual identity
  • Event, poster or print creation
  • Product design, packaging and labels
  • Print design for your business
  • Stationery
  • Illustration

Let's chat and see what we can make together

Color separation

If splitting color layers is just not for you, I can help with that! This service includes:

  • Help picking out the colors and number of colors to best match your project
  • Separate your image in color layers for Riso

Get the final print file: 20$

Print file preparation

Not sure how to set up your print files or work the imposition? I'm also offering an infographics service to help out.

Testing Service

See what your print looks like before committing to multiple copies.
Per print:
1 color testing 55$
2 color testing 65$
3 color testing 75$
4 color testing 85$
For 5+ ask for a quote

I will send you photos of the results or you can visit the studio

For 3 and more color prints:
Consider a 12h to 24h drying time after printing the first 2 colors.

* Modifications after the test are not included. Alignments can vary.


If you're making packaging or elaborate projects, get a prototype first so you know what to expect.

Starting at 60$
Please contact me for an estimate

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My mission is to make Riso more accessible, especially in Montreal. This is my favorite printing style and I am so happy to share it with you. The output is always a small grainy mystery making every project as intriguing as the last.


No Gloss offers Riso printing services and graphic design! I aim to showcase the versatility of Riso and provide an opportunity for you to experience this unique printing technique. Our services include a range of printing options such as art prints, simple prints, cards, brochures, fanzines, and packaging.

What is Riso?

No Gloss

It's nothing personal but Riso printers only print on non-glossy papers. It performs well on recycled, vellum, matte and smooth papers. Making everything you print a bit more recycling friendly.

Our products