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Text papers & Cardstock that are typically stocked

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Smooth White 80lb

Thicker and smoother than a regular printer paper. Great for quick prints, flyers and zines

Cartridge Paper

Off white with a tiny bit of teeth to the feel. The slight gray white color, thinness and texture gives a newspaper or old comic book feel to your work. Good for quick prints or even art prints.

Construction Paper

Not like the classic multicolored construction book you would have as a kid. The texture is a bit smoother but still has some teeth to it. Good for quick prints and even some art prints or stationary.


You can feel the texture as soon as you touch the paper and notice it in the light. Adds instant value to a thinner print. Best for art prints but can be used to make other stationery items. It is a bit harder to fold.

Premium Vellum - Ultra white or Natural

Vellum but not like the tracing paper. It refers to its noticeable satisfying toothy texture.
Ultra bright 100lb will really make those Riso colors pop even more.
Natural 70lb will slightly tint the inks giving them a more yellowish tone. The paper is thin but not delicate and slightly see through. Great for art prints.

Speckle texture

Premium vellum feel with a subtle but still noticeable speckle pattern. The paper is a warm bone color with darker specs. Great when printing just one color, like black, to elevate the print. Great for Art prints.

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Bristol Vellum - White or Cream

Noticeably satisfying toothy texture. Ads slight texture to what you print. Not as thick as other cardstocks but holds up well for art prints, zine cover or pages, posters, flyers and stationary project.

Smooth white - 80lb or 100lb

Mat smooth finish for a classic poster/print look, this bright cardstock will make the colors pop.
80lb: Thick enough to make lightweight post cards, art prints, posters, covers and packaging.
100lb: Thick enough to make post cards, greeting cards, art prints, posters, covers and packaging.

Eggshell - Warm white

Our popular paper for a premium feel for your art prints or greeting cards. Hold very well and had a light eggshell vellum texture.

Eggshell - Utlra white

Slightly more noticeable eggshell texture than the warm white option, thicker and harder. The ultra white color makes the Riso colors pop. Great for greeting cards, post cards, business cards, covers.

Textured - Ultra white

This paper is very textured. Great for visuals with larges solid colors to add texture area but not for small details. Hold up well but is on the lighter side of cardstocks. Premium feel.

100% post-consumer recycled - Warm white

Premium feel with a warm white color. One pf our thickest cardstock and that the printer can handle. It is also the most ecofriendly in our selection. Great for Art prints, greeting cards, post cards and business cards.

Smooth - Ultra white

Our hardest and thickest cardstock that the Riso printer can handle. Smooth and ultra while for color popping and crisp results. Great for Art prints, greeting cards, postcards, business cards.

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If you have a specific paper in mind, we can do recommendations or help you find the perfect paper for your project with special orders.